E-marketing Strategies

There are two basic strategies for tackling social media as a marketing tool:

  • Passive Method: Social media can be a useful source for market information and the customer’s voice. Blogs, content communications, and forums are the platforms where people have their own ideas, share and offer brands, products, and services. commercial companies Check the client’s voice that is reflected in the social media and use it for marketing purposes they do. In this category, social media is an affordable resource in the field of market information that marketers can use it to track market problems and opportunities. For example, the Internet was full of videos and videos pictures of the iPhone 6’s (the eighth Gen. smartphone) bending test that showed up how easy this famous mobile phone bends with the help of hand. As a result of the discussion the term “bend gate” was formed, which pointed to the curvature of the iPhone in a jeans case and it has been a source of confusion for customers who have been waiting for the latest iPhone version for months. Contrary to the traditional methods of market research, such as evaluations and focus groups and data mining, that’s time-consuming and costly, today’s marketers are getting social media to get “live” information from consumer behavior. This would be in the very dynamic structure of the business environment we are in it is extremely useful to live in.
  • Active Method: Social media can be used as a direct marketing and public relations tool also, a communication channel (targeting specific audiences with audiences affecting their advertising) and used as a conflict-engagement tool with the client. Several companies have started an online conversation with the public to communicate with the customer. The use of people affected by the client (for example, popular bloggers) can be a very cost-effective way to deliver new products or services. Narendra Moody, India’s current prime minister is another example, he has a lot of fans on Facebook and it’s getting more and more updated every day. He uses social media platforms for Communicating with the young and urban population in India has been estimated to be the number to reach 200 million.