Directory Listings

All your directory listings’ needs on one convenient platform.

What is Directory Listings?

Save your time by organizing all your various listings in one convenient place. Our dashboard was developed to give you a new impeccable digital marketing experience that covers all your desired requirements.

Directory Syndication

The location of your business is filed across 70+ listings so you can save a ton of time and avoid manually creating the directory yourself. Get all your changes and adjustments published within minutes to ensure real-time updates.

Business Profile Editing

Our new all-in-one marketing dashboard just made your marketing better and easier! With our platform, customizing, and editing your business profile is just like a cake walk! Every change and addition you make are saved, saving you time, effort, and money.


How Is Your Business Listings?


    Crucial KPIs

    All of the most imperative KPIs for your business is available with one click. Get the top performers including lead source, peak hours, and more, within seconds by using our various KPI metrics.

    Why is Directory Listings Important?

    Businesses will obviously try to get themselves in front of potential consumers searching for companies that offer the same services you provide. As a local entrepreneur, you are responsible for making the search easy for consumers to locate your business.

    NAP Consistency

    NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. By having your details listed the same everywhere, you can rest assured that Google knows your business and its address. Any differences will confuse Google and lead to negative results for your ranking.

    Because of the intelligence of Google’s platform, if it sees that the same business is listed under different names, it will treat it as different businesses.